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Capoeira Nago Batizado and Showcase

Sunday, May 28, 2017 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Location: North Beach Bandshell

Capoeira Nago Miami Batizado and Showcase

Admission is $12 [ticket detail]

In Capoeira Regional, the tradition of the batizado is to welcome new students into capoeira, accompanied to the sound of the berimbau.  At Nago, this special event is held twice each year, with this May 28 edition the biggest.  Special guests from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, NYC come to teach students during a week-long series of workshops, and share their knowledge of capoeira – the beautiful Brazilian martial art.

Capoeira Nago Miami Batizado 2017 begins Thursday May 25th and finishes on Sunday May 28 with a performance at the Bandshell.  This evening features dance performances from the Nago Academy kids dance program, full batizado and exchange of cords, live percussion and party.

Mestre Péquins (Brazil)
Mestre Andre (USA)
Professor Goku (Colombia)
Formado Cursivo (Colombia)
Faisca (Brazil)